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Itinerary Planning    [Back To Top]
All Short Hills Tours itineraries are carefully designed by our staff of seasoned travel professionals. Our programs include an optimum amount of sightseeing at a pace that is commensurate with the areas being traveled. We do not overburden the itinerary and commit groups to a schedule that is improbable and unlikely to be accomplished. More importantly, each itinerary complies with the Hours of Service regulations set by the Department of Transportation in order to minimize the likelihood of accidents caused by Driver fatigue. Students and chaperones benefit from a fully structured itinerary that does not rely on large gaps of free time to be spent without proper supervision.

Tour Escorts    [Back To Top]
Each Short Hills Tours overnight program is accompanied by an experienced Tour Escort that has successfully met our extensive training requirements. The Tour Escort will meet the group at the school on the morning of departure and travel with them throughout the trip. In the event of an emergency while on tour, Tour Escorts also have 24-hour access to Short Hills Tours' management staff. Most Short Hills Tours Escorts are graduates of the International Tour Management Institute, based in San Francisco. ITMI is dedicated to training high quality travel professionals. More information is available at

Liability Insurance    [Back To Top]
Short Hills Tours carries a complete line of comprehensive General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance. Each group will automatically receive a copy of a Certificate of Insurance outlining our Tour Operator Professional Liability coverage. Upon request, Short Hills Tours will gladly list a group or organization as an "Additional Insured" on our Professional Liability policy and forward a Certificate of Insurance stating such. Requests must be received in writing no less than 60 days prior to travel.

SYTA Protection Plan    [Back To Top]
Our membership in SYTA, The Student & Youth Travel Association of North America, requires that we personally pledge $200,000.00 in consumer protection coverage in the unlikely event that we were to declare bankruptcy. Simply, this protects your money while it is on account with us!

Travel Interruption Insurance    [Back To Top]
All groups will receive a customized proposal for Travel/Trip Cancellation Insurance coverage provided by The Berkley Group in Garden City, New York. Enrollment in this plan is strictly optional and can be done either as a group or on an individual basis.

Hotel Swimming Pools    [Back To Top]
In short, Short Hills Tours does not make it a practice of recommending that student groups utilize hotel swimming pools while on tour for obvious liability reasons. Groups requesting this activity are required to have chaperones and an appropriate number of lifeguards present for the duration of the group swim, public and private. Arrangements for lifeguards can be made by Short Hills Tours and the cost will be added to the group's invoice. No swimming on an at-own-risk basis is allowed at any time.

Hotel Security Guards    [Back To Top]
At the group's request, Short Hills Tours will gladly provide private Security Guards that will be on duty at the hotel, to monitor the hallways from late evening to early morning hours. Their presence is to ensure that students remain in their rooms and are not a distraction to other guests. In addition, Security Guards will actively patrol the floors where our students are housed and will report any suspicious activity by outsiders to the hotel management.

Extras...    [Back To Top]
In addition, each group that travels with Short Hills Tours is provided with:

Hotel Directory listing the name and address of the hotel to be distributed to parents.

"How to Survive a Hotel Fire" pamphlet for duplication and distribution to students.

Luggage Tags (overnight groups) that can be affixed to luggage for proper identification.

Zero Tolerance Agreement that schools can implement with students and parents.

Certificate of Insurance from the motorcoach company that will be providing the group's transportation